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Thread: Sector-Network Free Hosting Application

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    Default Sector-Network Free Hosting Application

    G'Day Mate

    Name: Joeri Baelemans
    Age: 15
    Location: Weelde, Antwerpen, Belgium
    Instant Messaging:
    MSN -
    Past Experience:
    Counsil member of TLO/TC, doing loads of jobs for that clan

    Website Name: Formula1
    Category: Car races (you will know formula 1 i guess)
    Project Idea: Getting all be biography's of the drivers and all the history's of the current teams @ 1 place, also of every year that i team participated (or something, me and my bad englisch ) a pic of that year, etc, etc, a big formula 1 database.

    I heard from Orion of The Last order/The Cult (you will know him spitfire :)) that I would find here some good webspace, hopefully you can help me out.

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    What URL did you want?

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    Default, but can you give me some information about storage limits? upload limits too pls?

    annyways, thx for ur reply already

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    Storage/Upload would be about 30mb for now.

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    would be good enouf for now :)

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