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    Default How to Use Proxies

    using a proxy server is extremely easy. here are a couple simple steps that you need to do.

    1. obtain a list of proxy servers.
    juke had already posted a handy list of them, so im going to borrow this website from him.
    on this particular page, you can see that there are 2 servers, with their IP addresses. (please note that these lists can change, due to the fact that servers are constantly being updated/removed)

    2. copy down the IP address of the proxy server you are interested in. the number will look something like this. the first 12 digits are the IP address, with the last four being the port number. this proxy happens to be in Nambia

    3. configuring your internet connection to go through that server is really simple.
    FIREFOX- click on the following: tools; options; advanced; under the network tab, click on settings. a box that says connection settings should pop up. in there move change the option from "direct connection to the internet" (your default option in most cases) to "manual proxy configuration". in the box next to HTTP Proxy: fill in your IP address that you are going to use (the 12 digit number with periods ie,). for port number, fill in the port number ie 8080. after you are done typing those numbers in, check the box that says "use this proxy server for all protocols". in most cases you are done, and just need to click ok and ok again for the dialog boxes. after that, begin surfing and enjoy

    Internet Explorer- it is a bit harder to find where you need to put in the server information, but after that it is pretty much the same methodology. click on the following: tools; internet options; under the tab connection, click on "lan settings". this will bring up a smaller box that has several options. check mark the box under the section that says proxy server. this will allow you to input the address that you have. again, paste the address that you have into that field, and the do the same for the port number. that is all you need to do. (IE automatically assumes that the rest of the protocols uses the same address, saving you some steps.) click ok to save your settings, and ok again to get out of the internet options page and begin surfing.

    4. how to undo what you just did.
    simply uncheck the boxes that you have checked in IE. for firefox, move the option from proxy back to direct connection. that should restore you to a normal, proxy free connection.

    NOTE: The Connection speed while connected to a proxy server will be as slow as balls. this is b/c you are bouncing the connection from your computer to another server, which then bounces that signal to the website server you are trying to access. in another words, there is a middle man.

    do not do online shopping nor banking or any other kind of activities where personal data is at risk. this is all b/c of the middle man, the proxy server. you dont know if that proxy server is copying down all of the websites plus personal information you have sent through them. infact, this is how identity theft happens. you are sent a link that directs you to a website that is not infact the legitimate website, and you unknowingly give out your credit card number or something like that. that link could be to a proxy server, which redirects all of the information from a legitimate website through their website, logging down everything.

    i hope that this was easy to understand. enjoy.
    thanks to juke for posting a list of servers.
    if this has helped you, rep would be nice. but also, if you have any questions/comments, please post them
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