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Thread: V1.10 Item Vault

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    Default V1.10 Item Vault

    This is a 1.10 item vault by Valorious_CK


    All items contained are for diablo2 expansion version 1.10 final.

    It has Uniques, Sets, Magicals, Rares, Runewords, and Quest items. I have organized everything and due to some laziness
    on my part there may be some errors in where things are placed.

    Firelizard's Talons feral claws and JadeTalon Wrist Sword thanks to Baalsbane_CK

    I spent alot of time collecting these items so if you use this vault on your site, dont worry about asking just give me
    credit for my work.

    Contact info

    Version History

    v 1.0
    -First Version

    v 1.1
    - Added Unique Caddy
    - Added life leech and dual leech rare rings
    - Added 11% life leech crafted rings
    - Added more "magic" jewels
    - Added more charms
    - Added many skill charms
    - Added magic armor
    - Added a couple missing sets
    - Added bugged items from 1.09 (no iths)

    v 1.2
    - Added the rest of the missing sets, no more missing items.
    - Added a more skill charms
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