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Thread: v1.10 Drop Mod

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    Post v1.10 Drop Mod

    To install this mod, follow these instructions:

    1. Open the explorer and go to the diablo2 directory
    2. Rename the Patch_D2.mpq to Patch_D2_backup.mpq
    3. Download the Patch_D2_dropmod.mpq and copy it to the diablo2 directory
    4. Rename the Patch_D2_dropmod.mpq to Patch_D2.mpq
    5. Run the game normally

    To uninstall:

    1. Open the explorer and go to the diablo2 directory
    2. Delete Patch_D2.mpq
    3. Rename Patch_D2_backup.mpq to Patch_D2.mpq

    The following changes is listed below:

    All monsters in Nightmare and Hell has mlvl 99.
    All monsters gives more exp
    All monsters do 1-1 damage (exept the ones who use skills of any sort, they will do normal damage)
    Monsters in act1 drops normal items
    Monsters in act2 drops rare items
    Monsters in act3 drops set items
    Monsters in act4 drops rare & unique items
    Monsters in act5 drops runes
    You find better items in Hell than you would do in Nightmare, there you will find better items than in Normal

    Also here is an lvl99 amazon you can download to kill some monsters File Name: LoD-Ama.d2s

    Place this file in your Diablo II\save directory to be able to play with her.

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