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    178 Legit Items:

    Angelic Mantle Ring Mail.d2i
    Angelic Sickle Saber.d2i
    Angelic Wings Amulet.d2i
    Arcanna's Deathwand War Staff.d2i
    Arcanna's Flesh Light Plate.d2i
    Arctic Binding Light Belt.d2i
    Athena's Wrath Battle Scythe.d2i
    Atma's Wail Embossed Plate.d2i
    Berserker's Hatchet Double Axe.d2i
    Berserker's Hauberk Splint Mail.d2i
    Berserker's Headgear Helm.d2i
    Bing Sz Wang Dacian Falx.d2i
    Blackbog's Sharp Cinquedeas.d2i
    Blade of Ali Baba Tulwar.d2i
    Bladebone Double Axe.d2i
    Bladebuckle Girdle(H).d2i
    Bloodrise Morning Star.d2i
    Bloodtree Stump War Club.d2i
    Bonesnap Maul.d2i
    Brainhew Great Axe.d2i
    Buriza-Do Kyanon Balista.d2i
    Butcher's Pupil Cleaver.d2i
    Bverrit Keep Tower Shield.d2i
    Cathan's Mesh Chain Mail.d2i
    Cathan's Seal Ring.d2i
    Cathan's Sigil Amulet.d2i
    Cathan's Visage Mask.d2i
    Cerebus Blood Spirt.d2i
    Chance Guards Bracers(M).d2i
    Civerb's Cudgel Grand Scepter.d2i
    Civerb's Ward Large Shield.d2i
    Cleglaw's Pincers Bracers(M).d2i
    Cleglaw's Tooth Long Sword.d2i
    Cliffkiller Long Siege Bow.d2i
    Corpsemourn Ornate Armor.d2i
    Crainte Vomir Espadon.d2i
    Credendum Mithril Coil.d2i
    Crown of Thieves Grand Crown.d2i
    Culwens Point War Sword.d2i
    Dangoon's Teaching Reinforced Mace.d2i
    Dark Clan Crusher Cudgel.d2i
    Death's Touch War Sword.d2i
    Deathspade Axe.d2i
    Demon Machine Chu-Ko-Nu.d2i
    Demonlimb Tyrant Club.d2i
    Earthshaker Battle Hammer.d2i
    Frostburn Gaunlets(H).d2i
    Gheed's Fortune Large Charm.d2i
    Gleamscythe Falchion.d2i
    Goldskin Full Plate Mail.d2i
    Gorefoot Heavy Boots.d2i
    Gorerider War Boots.d2i
    Goreshovel Broad Axe.d2i
    Gravepalm Sharkskin Gloves.d2i
    Griswold's Edge Broad Sword.d2i
    Guardian Angel Templar Coat.d2i
    Haemosu's Adament Cuirass.d2i
    Harlequin Crest Shako.d2i
    Headstriker Battle Sword.d2i
    Hellplague Long Sword.d2i
    Hellrack Colossus Crossbow.d2i
    Hexfire Shamshir.d2i
    Howltusk Great Helm.d2i
    Humongous Giant Axe.d2i
    Hwanin's Justice Bill.d2i
    Hwanin's Refuge Tigulated Mail.d2i
    Hwanin's Splendor Grand Crown.d2i
    Iceblink Splint Mail.d2i
    Immortal King's Detail War Belt.d2i
    Immortal King's Forge War Gauntlets.d2i
    Immortal King's Pillar War Boots.d2i
    Immortal King's Stone Crusher Ogre Maul.d2i
    Immortal King's Will Avenger Guard.d2i
    Infernostride Demonhide Boots.d2i
    Iratha's Cord Heavy Belt.d2i
    Iratha's Cuff Light Gauntlets.d2i
    Isenhart's Case Breast Plate.d2i
    Ith Rune.d2i
    Jadetalon Wrist Sword.d2i
    Kinemils Awl Giant Sword.d2i
    Kira's Guardian Tiara.d2i
    Kuko Shakaku Cedar Bow.d2i
    Lance of Yaggai Spetum.d2i
    Laying of Hands Bramble Mitts.d2i
    Maelstrom Yew Wand.d2i
    Magewrath Rune Bow.d2i
    Magnus' Skin Sharkskin Gloves.d2i
    Manald Heal Ring.d2i
    Milabrega's Diadem Crown.d2i
    Milabrega's Orb Kite Shield.d2i
    Milabrega's Rod War Scepter.d2i
    Naj's Circlet Circlet.d2i
    Natalya's Shadow Loricated Mail.d2i
    Nef Rune.d2i
    Nightwing's Veil Spired Helm.d2i
    Ort Rune.d2i
    Pierre Tombale Couant Partizan.d2i
    Plague Bearer Rune Sword.d2i
    Pus Spiter Siege Crossbow.d2i
    Rattlecage Gothic Plate.d2i
    Raven Frost Ring.d2i
    Razoredge Tomahawk.d2i
    Ripsaw Flamberge.d2i
    Rite of Passage Demonhide Boots.d2i
    Sander's Riprap Heavy Boots.d2i
    Sander's Superstition Bone Wand.d2i
    Sander's Taboo Heavy Gloves.d2i
    Sazabi's Ghost Liberator Balrog Skin.d2i
    Serpent Lord Long Staff.d2i
    Sigon's Gage Gaunlets(H).d2i
    Sigon's Guard Tower Shield.d2i
    Sigon's Sabot Plate Boots.d2i
    Sigon's Visor Great Helm.d2i
    Sigon's Wrap Girdle(H).d2i
    Silkweave Mesh Boots.d2i
    Skewer of Krintiz Saber.d2i
    Skin of the Vipermagi Serpentskin Armor.d2i
    Skystrike Edge Bow.d2i
    Sol Rune.d2i
    Soulflay Claymore.d2i
    Sparking Mail Chain Mail.d2i
    Spectral Shard Blade.d2i
    Spire of Honor Lance.d2i
    Steelclash Kite Shield.d2i
    Stormstrike Short Battle Bow.d2i
    Stoutnail Spiked Club.d2i
    String of Ears Demonhide Sash.d2i
    Sureshrill Frost Flanged Mace.d2i
    Swordguard Executioner Sword.d2i
    Tal Rasha's Adjudication Amulet.d2i
    Tal Rasha's Howling Wind Lacquered Plate.d2i
    Tancred's Crowbill Military Pick.d2i
    Tancred's Spine Full Plate Mail.d2i
    Tancred's Weird Amulet.d2i
    The Atlantian Ancient Sword.d2i
    The Battlebranch Poleaxe.d2i
    The Centurion Hard Leather Armor.d2i
    The Chieftan Battle Axe.d2i
    The Diggler Dirk.d2i
    The Dragon Chang Spear.d2i
    The Eye of Etlich Amulet.d2i
    The Generals Tan Do Li Ga Flail.d2i
    The Gladiator's Bane Wire Fleece.d2i
    The Gnasher Hand Axe.d2i
    The Grandfather Colossus Blade.d2i
    The Grim Reaper War Scythe.d2i
    The Iron Jang Bong War Staff.d2i
    The Jade Tan Do Kriss.d2i
    The Meat Scraper Lochaber Axe.d2i
    The Patriarch Great Sword.d2i
    The Reaper's Toll Thresher.d2i
    The Rising Sun Amulet.d2i
    The Scalper Francisca.d2i
    The Spirit Shroud Ghost Armor.d2i
    The Stone of Jordan Ring.d2i
    The Tannr Gorerod Pike.d2i
    The Ward Gothic Shield.d2i
    Thul Rune.d2i
    Thunderstroke MatriarchalJavelin.d2i
    Tiamat's Rebuke Dragon Shield.d2i
    Toothrow Sharktooth Armor.d2i
    Trang-Oul's Claws Heavy Bracers.d2i
    Treads of Cthon Chain Boots.d2i
    Twitchthroe Studded Leather.d2i
    Undead Crown Crown.d2i
    Venom Grip Demonhide Gloves.d2i
    Venom Ward Breast Plate.d2i
    Victors Silk Ancient Armor.d2i
    Vidala's Barb Long Battle Bow.d2i
    Vidala's Snare Amulet.d2i
    Wall of the Eyeless Bone Shield.d2i
    Warlord's Trust Military Axe.d2i
    Whichwild String Short Siege Bow.d2i
    Wihtstan's Guard Round Shield.d2i
    Witherstring Hunter's Bow.d2i
    Wizendraw Long Battle Bow.d2i
    Woestave Halberd.d2i
    Zakarum's Hand Rune Scepter.d2i
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