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Thread: Character bios and abilities.

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    Default Character bios and abilities.

    You must post here to be eligable to participate in the My Bar tournament. Post a list of your skills, weapons, attributes, race history, and anything else that you think should be known about your character. Here is mine:

    Character Profile

    Name: Zero

    Title: Warlord/ Father Shadow

    Creature: Elient/Dragon/Tiam

    Gender: Male

    Age: Unknown - tens of thousands of years

    Height: 8ft (roughly)

    Hair: Dark

    Eye Colour: Dark Amber, with vertical pupils

    Description: Tall and hulking, with broad shoulders. Despite his bulk he moves with a deceptive grace, akin to a big plains-hunting cat. His muscles ripple like water under his skin, which is barbed and striped with shadows. Very muscular, his presence demands respect and he moves with incredible speed when needed and is exceptionally strong. He uses an ancient sword which cuts just about everything. Tall, with iron grey skin, long silver hair, gaunt aquiline face with hard, close-set eyes. He has a broad downturned mouth with no laughter lines. High unlined brow, diagonally scarred livid white.

    Weapons: Two handed great sword and brace of long throwing knives at his hip. Dagger in his left boot. Uses an ancient sword which cuts just about everything. A twelve foot bull whip used for various things, mainly diabeling. A medium sized single headed battle axe.

    Personality: Zero appears to have two personalities - his peace one and his war one. His peace one is one of an irreverent, pragmatic man not given to worship or reliance on gods or ascendants. He readily admits he is not the worshipping type, and has taken to calling his patron god the "Whiskered One". In battle however he changes - into a remorseless, ruthless, unyielding killing machine, cold and implacable, devoid of compassion or ambiguity. In battle, violence walks in his shadow.Quick to temper, yet with an underlying kindness. He is friends with Venom, though perhaps friendship is too strong a word. They are allies and have team up to help keep the bar running efficiently. He demands ultimate respect and authority, and his huge sword sees that he gets it. Gentleman, dutiful, dry quiet humor, patience, skillful.

    About Him: He carries a huge sword and commands a force called the Crimson Guard. His second in command is Kallor, who used to be High King of a realm he subsequently destroyed (which became the imperial warren) with the fall of the crippled God. Along with his sword, he wears the Eye of God, given to him as a gift from his father. The Eye of God hold the spirit of one of his most powerful ancestors. It replenishes him with energy and strength, as well as healing him of any mortal wounds that would be life threatening. He has the ability to morph into various shapes, creatures, and races. Anything he morphs to , he takes on the attributes, skills, and weapons.

    Race Profile

    Name: Dragons

    Life Span: Uknown

    Description: Also known as the Elient and the Tiam there is little known about the Dragons. They are of the First Warren Stavald Demelain, and are a powerful long-lived people. Not very numerous, the Dragons come in many sizes and colours. Noone knows if the Dragons live in groups or alone. Dragons humans know of are Silanah red-wings and an Otataral aspected dragon. A number of them can Shapeshift into the form of a dragon including various other forms that they have encountered over their years, as well as any form the can concentrate on.

    Warrens: The realms of magic are referred to as Warrens by Zero, however as well as being a source of magic these warrens can also be traveled through as a physical place. Each mage taps a single warren (with a few notable exceptions), and this warren defines their power. The realms of magic are also tied to the Ancestors of Zero, immortal beings representing various houses (Life, Death, Light, Dark, and Shadow) and some unaligned ascendents. In addition to standard magic, there are also higher levels of magic that allow shape shifting, anyone using these abilities is referred to as Soletaken. So to try and give you some idea, Zero is a Soletaken mage/fighter using the Warren of Kurald Galain (the warren of darkness), is also the Knight of High House Dark, is also the chosen lord of the Draconians, is also the wielder of the Sword of Angels.
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    Default This is Pamela

    Pamela is an Elf Princess...standing a mere 5 feet tall ....and yet having an elegant almost waif like appearance.Her raven colored hair flows freely down her back to below her waist...and is
    interspersed with streaks of midnight blue.Pamela has an ethereal
    grace and timeless manner...for she is over 2000 years old..immortal.

    You notice first the eyes...when calm they appear to be almost black.
    But in acts of conjuring...or anger...they flash over to a bright crimson....and then a dark red.

    She wears a simple tunic of dark green ..with embroidered silk edges.
    Bearing the emblem of her royalty.Her pants are the softest most supple leather,died dark brown,and her boots are finely fitting and well worn.She carries the *Sword Of The Ages*as well as owning many other fine blades gifted to her over the centuries.She wears the armor of the Queen Of The Elfs...and carries a long bow ..and enchanted arrows.

    Pamela is a powerful Mage and has extensive knowledge of magic..She owns a variety of very powerful magic artifacts.
    She also commands an army...and trains at a dojo to better her personal fighting skills.

    Her manner is to take charge...and she is a relentless opponent when angered.Pamela is a loyal and fierce ally...never leaving her friends in doubt of her being there to protect or defend them!....She is still an her past is long and tortured.....
    Being an Elvish Princess...she is not easily swayed in matters of the heart....
    Pamela chooses her own path...her destiny is in her own hands.......

    To say that she is good at heart would be accurate Pamela strives to follow her own sense of honor....and being an immortal and timeless creature...she has had many interesting adventures.....and many fierce battles!...Pamela Is the last of her she wanders the many lands...ever Questing....

    A Light in your Darkness...always there...and burning!!

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    Name: Frai7ty (Although, if we can name our characters something else, it would be Innocent Death.)

    Title: Elder Brother

    Creature: Human

    Apprent Age: 23

    Hight: 6'3" 2/3

    Hair: Raven Black

    Eye Color: Bright Blue.

    Class: Mage/Monk

    Description: Tall, and handsome, yet subtle. He walks like one who knows the way of batlle. His Firey and fatalistic spirit are almost palpable. Yet, he seems to have a slightly depressing aura. He garbs himself in a Dark red, almost balck cloak. Under them, he wares a
    Blessing Brocade Suit (So you know what it looks like). Right hand, there is a blood red stain, as if it was dipped in blood. On his left, a simple silk glove, wuch is black.

    Magic/Style: His magic, and style of Martial Art are one and the same. It is indeed his Martial Art, that allows him to do his feets of superhuman skill and grace. His art of Do (The Way) allows him to rederect kenetic energy into surrounding environment. It is also possable for him to move through space, and enhace his speed to truly spectacular levels. He may also disable his oponents by hiting chi points on the body. His magic is self empowering, he may not do things like throw fire balls. As a rule of thumb, he may only affect things in his close surroundings.

    Weapons: He has but 4.

    He has his Katana. It is compleatly indestuctable, and is light as if it were made of alumanum. It holds a keen edge, ans as an added bonus it is compleaty immune to magicks other than his own. As a desciptive addition it has tasle on the end, with a gold coin one the end, wuch reflects more light than it receves.

    His Wakashashi is as above, only smaller.

    His Prayer beeds are just that, prayer beeds. Each are unique, in a latter edit, I will descriobe the prayer on each one. And its affects. These are alwase wriped along his right hand.

    His golden longswond is his only real artifact of power. First off, it is bound to him derectly, you could no more make him drop it, than he could his wn hand. It also has the capability to "burn" away taint that flows with corupt creatures, and places. This is extreemly painfull to those who are touched by it. Last, but not least, is may rend the barrier that seperates the spirit lands form the material, allowing him, and his allys to pass through the rended gate.

    If you have any questions, please tell me.

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    class: weapon master

    race: half-elf

    age: 2418

    gender: male

    hair colour: white

    eye colour: red

    a lightly armored character, that excels in speed
    a warrior whos own kingdon destroyed after exile, for unknown crimes aganst's its king and his people, his family killed by a band of demon lords when invading the kingdoms lands.
    a quiet character that holds honor above all else.

    arts of terraform,movement,binding,offensive and defensive
    as well as a various ammount of weapon related skills with the
    long swords and

    ultimate skills:
    Gate of Babylon(shown with lord apoc)
    warps me and other char to avoid area where he is attacked by a certain type of weapon limited use due to the unreliability since the aflicted person must not be able to move
    rain of blades(name gives its away)

    Unlimited Blade Works - Infinite Creation of weapons

    main weapon of choice dual katana
    but as my class states i am proficent with every weapon
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    nevermind im not joining the tournament so i made a new thread.
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