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    The day has been long and rife with uncertainty, so Rachael decides to soak away her aches and worries in a long…hot bath. Stopping in the kitchen, on her way thru to the master bath, she reaches in the refrigerator, taking out an ice-cold bottle of very dry wine.
    Pouring herself a glass, she adds two pieces of dark bitter chocolate to a small plate, then proceeds to her room. Stepping around a corner she begins to fill the tub…when there is a knock at her front door.

    Rachael is not expecting any friends nor does she have any desire for company at the moment. Deciding to ignore the knocking, she returns to check on the level of her bath water.
    The sound has somehow changed into more of a loud …insistent banging. Suddenly filled with a sense of foreboding……Rachael creeps forward to peer out a small slit in between the curtains…trying to catch a glimpse of this unknown person………………

    No one is standing there!
    Hearing a crash from the rear of the house, Rachael jumps and her heart now seems to be in her throat! Turning back to the front window…having decided to take her chances and leave the house …she screams as a face peers back at her…all teeth and leering eyes!

    That is when the moaning begins to howl from the kitchen….the sound seeming to move slowly towards her. Panic now seizes her and she dashes for the spare bedroom …hoping to lock herself in….and use the phone to call for help! Slamming the door behind her , Rachael locks the door behind her. Leaning against it she pants and tries to listen to the wailing from outside her door……

    Then she sees the glow of the yellow eyes! Staring at her with malicious intent…..she now has nowhere to run….no way to hide! Feeling as though she is slipping away.Rachael’s final moments…as Death draws nearer to her, are somewhat random.
    Filled with the thoughts of what could have been and never was…..her final dying breath whispers to no one…..why????

    ((I hope you enjoyed it!))

    This is a story I wrote and posted back in 2003 shortly after joining the Site.
    On a whim I decided o re-post it for members who have joined much more recently,both for your enjoyment,as well as thoughts on the story itself.~Pamela
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