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Thread: Poem: The Dusk

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    Default Poem: The Dusk

    The Dusk
    We look foreword
    To the never-ending sky
    The dusk is fading
    To the night.

    I think back to the beginning
    Of this long road.
    This path of gold.
    And wonder where it will take me

    This light I have become
    To aid the one's I love
    Will this always be me
    Or will I become the night

    Can I keep going
    On this long path
    Will I find its end
    And finally Ascend

    I think if she is here
    I will find the way is clear
    I will find my way
    And stay in the day

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    Nicely written^^ it was good,and made me think of our everyday struggles and how we take each as it comes.

    A Light in your Darkness...always there...and burning!!

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