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    Default My character

    Name: Klyd
    Title: Angel of Death
    Height: always changing
    Weight: always changing

    Description: His true form stood at 6'4", but he never wieghed himself, he was too busy with other things. His jeans were dark black and baggy, with chains. He never wore a shirt, he preferred not too as his wings would tear them up anyway. His wings were black and giant, each one was a stunning 20 feet long, yet weightless.

    His Favorite form was a small kitten that weighed 5 pounds at most, being as cuddly and soft as he was, it was hard to imagine he could be deadly.

    His third form was an attack cat; a sabre-tooth tiger, that stood 10 feet tall without even standing on his hind legs, when he did however he was a stunning 60 feet tall.

    His fourth form was a neko-jinn that was 5'9", not very muscular, kind, and giving.

    These are the 4 most common forms, however he can shift into anything else at his own will.

    About him: His father was God, and his mother was the Devil, so he had two opposite personalities. His good personality was kind, affectionate, caring, and much more common to see than his darker personality.

    He searched the earth for a sense of belonging; a place where he could feel at home without being ridiculed and teased. He found this haven one day after being outcast from another city, this place was called "My Bar".

    So here it is! please tell me what you think!
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    sounds awsome, kind of sounds like this character im thinking of. here it is.
    name: Ruin Haven.
    age:unknown, but less than a century
    heighth:at the least 6'
    blood type:unknown
    descriptional features:
    quiet, caring and yet afraid of whats to come. He journeys to evade his future, which is great, but life has to die before he becomes what he is destined to be. He wears a trench-coat, and has long black hair, almost to his waist. He carries with him a large sword, as wide as he is, as long as he is tall, and is as thick as the thumb, but almost weightless, made from a special metal. He also carries a scar on the brow, a little above the bridge of the nose.
    an orphan, he has no true idea who he is. He only knows that he will be the Haven of all Ruin, and was named so. He is an Avian, an endangered species of being that have learned to channel emotion into energy, as he grows large black feathered wings when angered or gives off another emotion. wears around his neck 7 keys, each from a different village he has failed to rescue.

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