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Thread: There is hope

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    Default There is hope

    In this life we live.... will we affect another in a posotive way?
    Actions sometimes do speak louder than words.
    Communication between a person and the rest of the world takes on many forms.

    A song can move us,a smile can melt a heart and soften hard feelings.
    A gentle touch and simple words and actions can mean the world to another.

    Saying you are sorry when you are wrong...and meaning it.
    Loving another and showing it to them and everyone else.
    Embracing the differences in people,and accepting them for who they are.

    My best advice to anyone is this.There is always hope,and people mature and change.

    Be the friend and guide to another that you ,yourself want. It does make a difference.
    Words can harm or they can heal,use them wisely and treat others as you wish to be treated.
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    good poem, shows people can change using their words and actions and there is always hope it can happen

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